Rehab & Stabilized 5+ Unit Apartment Loans

If you are a real estate investor looking for Apartment Loans look no further. Halo Capital has funded over 4,000 loans in the last 7 years and want to fund your next deal. With our commonsense underwriting and quick closings, you will never look for another lender again after closing your 1st deal with us!

5+ Unit Apartment Building Rehabs

• Loan amounts from 100k and up
• 80% Purchase 80% repairs 70% ARV Max loan
• 650+ credit required
• Some rehab experience may be required
• Rates from 8.50%-10.50%
• Up to 2 year loan term
• Option to extend for 1 years
• Debt Service (pro-forma) 1.10 or better
• No pre payment penalty
• Interest on construction funds only when drawn
• Upon signed term sheet deposit for appraisal, budget inspection, required
• Closing time 20-25 days
We can roll you into a long term, 30 year loan when your rehab project is completed!